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You approach the security guard. He looks angry, but he’ll know who you are, right? He might even direct you back to your dressing room.

But when you approach him, he folds his arm and blocks the way.


“And where might you boys be going?” he growls.

“Um… to our dressing room?” says Jimmy. Upon seeing the blank look on the security guard’s face, he follows up with, “We’re part of the band?”


The security guard snorts. “And my name’s Celine Dion. You both look about twelve.”


It’s incredibly rare to meet anybody who doesn’t recognise you. Usually you would be savouring this moment. But, right now, this is less than ideal.


You frown. “I’m seventeen. Have you ever met a teenager?”


The security guard does not look impressed. “I’ve been told that a group of fans have managed to get themselves backstage and I’m assuming you’re a part of it. I’m going to have to escort you out of here. I suggest you don’t kick up a fuss.”


Jimmy gives you a panicked look. What are you going to do?

Security Guard - with Jimmy.png
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