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Trigger warnings: This story contains alcohol consumption and vomiting.

THE INCIDENT ON SHOW DAY THAT WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT ANYMORE is an interactive choice-based story game created, written, and illustrated by Alice Oseman. It is also prequel story to her third novel, I Was Born for This. There are eleven endings, nine of which are fail endings.

What happens is up to you.

Lister Bird, member of internationally famous boyband 'The Ark', has woken up drunk in the backstage studio of a popular music competition television programme. He has no idea where in the studio he is, but knows he must be on stage to perform as a special guest with his band in fifteen minutes.

Your aim is to get Lister Bird on stage in time, without:

1) embarrassing himself or his bandmates.

2) revealing his crush on his bandmate, Jimmy.

3) his manager, Cecily, finding out he's been drinking on a show day.

You must make choices as Lister in order to get back to your bandmates and get on stage on time. If you fail, you will be directed back to the start of the game, or you can choose to re-start the game at any time by clicking the 'START' button in the top menu.

There are eleven possible ways this story can end. Most of them result in failure, but sometimes, failure is exactly what you're looking for.

Choose wisely.


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