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Run For It.png

You grab Jimmy’s hand firmly.

“Now,” you say.


He seems to know exactly what you mean, even though you didn’t give him much warning. Hand in hand, the pair of you shove past the security guard and absolutely peg it down the corridor. The security guard is shouting behind you, and maybe running, but he can't catch up to you. It reminds you of being back at school, running the 200m in P.E. Neither you nor Jimmy were ever very fast, but it was fun all the same.


You glance at Jimmy as you swerve round a corner. He’s grinning. You grip his hand a little tighter and realise you’re grinning too.


Without warning, Jimmy pulls you left and directly into a cupboard, pulling the door shut behind you. There is only just room for the both of you, and you have to crouch a little bit due to your height. On the plus side, Jimmy is fully pressed against you. You try not to move.


“If we wait here for a couple of minutes, he’ll go away,” says Jimmy, nervously pressing his ear against the door. You realise suddenly that you’re still holding his hand. You drop it before it gets awkward.


You are in a small, dark cupboard with Jimmy.

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