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You slur out some excuses for your slight-drunkenness, mostly-hangover, but Jimmy just rolls his eyes and hoists you up by the arm.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” he says. There might be a bit of fondness in his voice, but maybe you’re just imagining it.


You imagine a lot of things to do with Jimmy.


Jimmy directs you down the hallway. You don’t really pay attention to the route, but after you’ve been walking for a minute or so, Jimmy stops walking and practically slams you both against the wall, peering nervously around the corner.


“Oh no,” he says.

Down the corridor to the left is a group of three teenagers wearing The Ark tour merch. They look excited.


To the right at the end of the corridor is a particularly hench security guard. He looks angry.


Jimmy looks at you with wide eyes.

“Where do we go?” he asks.

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