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“So sorry,” says Jimmy, firmly, “we’re actually gonna be late for our show, so we need to go!”

The fans look disappointed. Jimmy quickly leans into a selfie for them, pulling you into it too.


Just as you’re about to leave, one of the fans speaks up. “Jimmy, we wanted to ask…” They look between each other nervously. “Is… is Jowan real?”


Jimmy’s expression drops like a stone. He says nothing. God, he has to deal with that stupid question all the fucking time online, but now people are actually asking him it in real life too? It’s so rude. And the fact that people ship Jimmy and Rowan that hard anyway is the absolute bane of your existence. Why doesn’t anyone ship you and Jimmy? There’s barely any fanfic of that. You’ve checked.


Jimmy looks deeply uncomfortable. It makes you furious.


“Sorry,” you say, words leaving your mouth before you can control them. You’re still a bit tipsy, and you should probably have thought a bit more carefully about this before speaking, but you find yourself saying, “Jimmy’s officially my boyfriend.”


You put your arms round his shoulders and pull Jimmy away down the corridor, leaving the fans giggling behind you. They know you’re just joking, but still. Calling Jimmy your boyfriend feels really good. God, imagine if that was real…


“Uh, Lister?” says Jimmy. “You… can let go of me now.”


Oh. Right. You remove your arms from his shoulders.


“Sorry,” you say.


“It’s fine,” he says, quickly. “Uh, well done. I never know what to say when they ask me that…”


You glance at him. He’s looking at you, genuinely grateful. It makes your stomach flip.


“No problem,” you say.


You walk a little further in silence, until you walk straight into Rowan.

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