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You are a seventeen-year-old bisexual disaster named Allister ‘Lister’ Bird. You are the drummer in an internationally famous boy band called ‘The Ark’. You like drinking, partying, and being asleep.


You and your bandmates, Jimmy and Rowan, are due to perform live on a popular singing competition television programme tonight as special guests, but while backstage, you’ve gotten lost and have no idea where you are.

You look around. You appear to be inside an unused storage room - ah, you're beginning to remember what happened. You snuck off after your soundcheck for a nap. How long ago was that?


You are also still a little tipsy from the vodka you’ve been sipping all afternoon, even though your band manager, Cecily, tells you not to drink on show days. 






Do not let Cecily find out you've been drinking.


Do not embarrass yourself or your bandmates.


Do not accidentally tell Jimmy you have a crush on him.


You must make it back to your dressing room before the curtain call in fifteen minutes.


Good luck.

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